Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last minute gifts

Cast on tonight for a last minute gift set for hubbies grandmother. She is elderly and in a home and he fears this may be her last year with us, thus he wanted to do something special. He picked out a lovely hat and gloves set for her to wear and stay cozy warm.


It was hard to decide but we chose these two patterns over these other two lovelies that are just as wonderful and charming.


If you as of yet still have some last minute gift orders to fill maybe consider these charming free patterns. Whimsical and lovely.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Julenisse of Kindness

Finished up my Julenisse doll and the pattern is now available.

This project was inspired by a blog I read on Kindness elves. I liked the idea so I decided to make our own version.

In upholding our families traditions of celebrating the Nisse and Tomte I wanted to capture that spirit in a little visitor, someone who can hang out every year with Julebukk.

You can find the pattern for this doll with outfit in my stores, link here...

To read the original blog that inspired this doll click here...

Friday, December 13, 2013

Wool donations for warming centers

Our local area has warming centers for the homeless that are invaluable during cold snaps like the one we just suffered. I am taking up a project for just this cause.

If anyone has any wool, alpaca, or other animal fiber yarn that they would be willing to donate I will use that yarn to knit donation items for the warming centers. It must be wool, wool blend, or animal fiber of some sort.

Cotton lowers the bodies natural temperature especially when wet and can cause hypothermia, whereas wool is a natural insulator helping the body maintain its natural temperature even when wet. Another good quality of wool is that it can be water proof. I have lanolin on hand and can waterproof every item before donating. This makes wool very superior for donation purposes as it can keep folk warm and dry even in the worst conditions.

Any weight, color or amount would help! Washable wool and super wash is fine. Sock yarns would be great even if just ball end scraps as I can work those into the  feet of 100% wool socks making them more durable. Any amount of wool yarn will help greatly! Mill ends, partial skeins, whatever you have on hand!

I will also happily accept raw locks of fiber, again must be animal fiber such as wool, alpaca, llama or other. I can use these raw locks to make thrummed items for donation such as thrummed mittens and partially thrummed hats. This will add extra warmth for folks.

My goal is to start collecting donations now and work on knitting items for the Egan Warming Centers and other charities year round. It would be great if no one had to be cold!

For more information on the Egan Warming Centers please visit their fb page at...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Local tragedy fund raiser

This is the little boy of one of our local mamas. This is some one from our own little community that many of us know. Today he took a hard fall and ended up needing surgery to repair a massive brain bleed. Please help if you can. Any little bit will help. This is not a stranger, this is one of our own!

I will be donating a portion of all December pattern sales to this family. If you are able to contribute directly that is wonderful, and if you would like to give by buying a pattern that will contribute that is great too. To donate directly.

And visit any of my pattern shops to give via purchase.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mittens for charity

I am knitting up some wool toddler mittens for charity. With sub freezing temperatures, ice and snow along with power outages and burning bans there are lots of little cold hands out there.

These Charity mittens will be knit using cuffs with the Brioche technique and the pattern will be available when done. Like all of my patterns a portion of the funds goes to buy yarn to knit items for charity.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Little Red Tomten Cap

I finished up the little red cap for Bear. Ended up making two of these one for my grandson and one for little Bear.
I was inspired by Tomte or the Julenisse on this one. 
Tomte leading his goat, laden with packages through the snow. 
I wanted to capture the spirit of the kindly Nisse and all the joy he brings. 
You can find the pattern in my stores, here is a link.

Gifts and goodies

I have been working on gifts and goodies for Jule. Wanted to share some of the finished goods.
I made two sets of lovely Dainty cable leg warmers for my daughter. I really think they turned out lovely!
You can find the pattern for these in my shops here is a direct link.

I also made a matching hat to go with them.
You can find the pattern for this cap in my stores.